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Month: October 2014

Collectors Dreamscape

How many of you out there know of someone that must collect things, spoons, rocks, erasers, cars, thimbles. The assortment of things to collect is truly fascinating and at the same time slightly horrifying. I mean the guy who is collecting toe nail clippings and nose hair trimmings might be a worry and if he is a nice neighbor always quiet, check his backyard for suspicious garden beds. 

The wonder of all this collecting is that anyone can become an obsessive collector it just has to be the right thing that appeals to you, a tiny thing that can be worthless to anyone else becomes a priceless artifact to you because it will fill out your collection as the promotional items in Melbourne. This has become such a wide spread hobby that even industries have cashed in on it, promotional merchandise has become a collectors heaven. These companies know that there are people out there who will collect anything. Your supermarkets are a prime example of this, how many collector cards do you have at home? Spend a certain amount of money in our store and you will get this card for free, there are fifty to collect.

There are movie merchandise collectors, who will sell parts of their collection so they can buy the newly released merchandise. Everyone needs a hobby but this seems like an obsession, some people have even had to build new structures on their property to house their collections. Move over nanna the new duck I bought goes there. What is even more mind boggling is the fact that on television you have shows about collecting and you can get the merchandise from the collecting shows to be part of your collection. Soon there will be a show about the merchandise from the collecting shows and who has collected bags. Get promotional bags in Melbourne at lower rates.

Collecting has been a part of our society since time began, it is in our DNA to horde things. The first caveman probably had a nice collection of clubs going to show his mates, the first one he ever used, the one he used to hit his wife over the head with before he dragged her back to the cave, you know the usual stuff. Small children are avid collectors it is usually rocks and clumps of mud but it is to be kept and prized forever, usually in their pants pocket to be recovered by the washing machine. It appears that wherever you look there is something to be treasured and displayed and the older it is the more valuable it is. Who would have guessed that all those old promotional bubble gum cards would have been worth so much?

So keep all that rubbish you have lying around, have a garage sale every six months. Who knows you might have the very thing that will complete some collection saving years of trauma and stress.

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