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Month: July 2014

Setting Up A Market Stall

A market stall is a great way to get your creative pieces out to the general public, and attending a market where you are surrounded by creative people can be a great way to get ideas for further pieces. But the hard part can be getting people to come and buy from you. You need to make sure that you are setting up your stall to be inviting and to make people want to come and see you. The first is to make sure you have some sort of cover over your stand. This allows people to see your product better without the reflection of the sun, as well as allowing them to browse your products while undercover. The type of product you are selling and where you are selling them will help you decide on the type of cover you require. For example, the use of tents in Melbourne markets compared to the use of gazebos in Brisbane markets.

If you are selling at night time markets you will also need to consider some sort of lighting. In many tents you can hang lights from the top or on the side and these will instantly make your tent more appealing to shoppers. If you are using a gazebo during the day, a good amount of natural light flowing through will also help attract customers. No matter what you are selling, try and brighten up your stand. While a white gazebo or tent in Sydney can provide a great backdrop for your product, colours attract people – create a colourful sign, use coloured cloths or even coloured flags along the front of your stand.

You also want to ensure your products are visible to passer-bys (which is where tents come in perfectly) and that the presentation of your stand is eye-catching. If you have had a shopper touching the product and moving it around, once they have left, move it back to its rightful place and keep the area around your stand clean – fold down boxes and move them out of site, keep all packing materials and shopping bags in a tub under your table. The cleaner your stand is, the more your products stand out.

Every couple of weeks set up your stand differently. Even if you do not have any new product to sell, a different types of gazebos in Australia can catch the eye of people who may have previously walked past you. Different layouts attract different people so it is always a good idea to try new things. One of the most important things when running a market stall is to be approachable. Talk to your potential customers, answer any questions they may have about your product, explain how it is made and what it is made with. Many people are interested in the process of making something creative and will be interested to hear how your product was made and how the idea came about.

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